QULT will mark the 21st of February as your insane ceremony of eclectic harder styles. During this night you’re allowed to knock yourself out: next to our good old subground sound, the styles of harddrop and freestyle will push your heartbeat to critical levels. With inappropriate pride we present you the sickest and most diverse line-up so far.

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LNY TNZ: Insanely fresh, loaded with energy, and sailing the waves of multiple genres. Let’s see how far these two can take it at QULT. If you’re looking for them in advance, you might check outside the box.

Dr. Rude: This artist is growing like lettuce on a fertile field. While he’s working on a very interesting sound called harddrop, 2015 is said to become his year. We can’t wait to test if this is more than just a rumor.

Geck-o: Our main ambassador returns to duty once again. However, this is not a regular mission as Geck-o will be showcasing his first artist album: ‘A New Wave’. A journey through the mind of a pioneer.

Mightyfools: Mighty yet foolish; the best of both worlds. These guys have seen a warehouse of mainstages over the last couple of years, but to bring their swing to QULT is of another category. We wonder if you can handle their heavy electric energy.

Audiofreq: QULT visitors know what this Australian genre-adventurer is capable of. However, being in constant development, he will impress the experts as deep as the ones who are new to his sound.

Alex Kidd & Danny Williamson: Characteristic UK vigor and persistence make Alex Kidd a driving force behind any QULT line-up he appears on. We asked him to bring the madness once again at this edition, upon which he decided to bring his apprentice, Danny Williamson. How’s that for XL?

ATMO: Serving you with the up and coming is high on our agenda. ATMO is one of them and will introduce you to the promising sounds of the future.

2Faded: The first performance of this joint cooperation between Filippo Calcagni and Jeffrey van Opstal is bound to hit the roof. Their take on subground is one to be taken serious and we’re thrilled to have them.

Two Times Four: If you’re looking for some decent QULT-approved techno, these guys will surely get you going. Brussels invades Amsterdam.


Donnie Darko: A strange creature who likes to freewheel between anything that has enough energy to fit at QULT. Never trust bunnies, and especially not this one. 

Dirtcaps: A trio that runs like an well-oiled machine. You’ve had the opportunity to see them at a couple of QULT occasions. If you haven’t, then this might be your chance.

Dr Phunk: This man has a phunky kind of style that is hard to capture in terms of genre. And that’s exactly what we like to see.  

Lowriderz: They have been around the block a couple of times with their powerful style. Even if you glue your feet to the ground, this rough duo will still make you jump.

Max Moore: This young spirit joined the QULT at Mysteryland. Now he’s back for the indoor experience. A talent to watch.