QULT starts own record label


New music is one of the core drivers of QULT. Now the movement is gaining strength, it is time to feed our movement with the best new music. On the 1st of September we will release the first record.

Vision of the QULT records sound
While everyone is going harder and harder, we bring high energy and groove at lower BPM. This broad new genre is called subground music. Fusing raw electrohouse, hardstyle and techno. It is becoming a new style of harder dance music and with QULT records we are ready to bring the sound to a new level. With high quality subground releases we will let the world listen to the future.

First releases
We have planned a lot of releases and have a lot of artists ready to contribute, but we can only tell you about the first four awesome releases. These are:

QULT RECORDS 01 | 1-9-2014
Geck-o – Wappie Love

QULT RECORDS 02 | 22-9-2014
ACTI & Audiofreq – Bassface Original & Only The Rave Remix

QULT RECORDS 03 | 18-10-2014
S1ngular – Therapy & Qulthelden

‪QULT Records 04 | 3-11-2014
A*S*Y*S – Acid Lights

Also want to release?
We are always looking for the next great artist and record for QULT Records. If you are a music producer and want to try something different: produce subground. Do not be scared, give it a shot. There are only two rules:
1. Make sure it is not too fast (128 – 135 BPM)
2. Make sure it is harder dance music and not for the main stage of every fucking festival.

Send your demos to music@joinQULT.com.