QULT goes Extra Large


Your favorite sect returns on Saturday the 4th of October. Our movement is bursting at the seams and our event is growing along with it: three areas, extended opening hours and especially lots and lots of new QULT sounds. The best of the best subground, raw techno by “Raven is Leven” and a fresh batch of top-notch talents.

Enter the subground, join the QULT.

Early bird tickets are now on sale. Read all details here:

QULT is on the move (but not so far :-))
In the centre of the Amsterdam Westerpark you’ll find a venue called ‘Transformatorhuis”. It’s an old warehouse with a larger capacity and longer opening hours. This time we mean it; the party continues until 8am! So we didn’t really move somewhere else, we’re just taking over the entire neighborhood! :-) Tadaa.

Subground area – Transformatorhuis
Discover QULT’s unique sounds. Experience the violent combination of loud screeches and deep kicks from the biggest names within this new sound.

Raven is Leven – WesterUnie
You already know the WesterUnie, the birth grounds of QULT. With an inappropriate amount of pride we present the techno area for QULT XL: Raven is Leven. These guys will fill the place up and break it down with first class raw techno.

Talent area – Also in the WesterUnie
The QULT heroes of tomorrow are already here today. Our youngest members in the subground family will show you what the innovative QULT sound is all about.

We’re not giving away the line-up just yet. It’ll be released in a few weeks.

Early bird tickets are now available. Do yourself a favor and get them right away.

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