Jack of Sound @ QULT #13


Jack of Sound is our closing act for QULT #13. What will he be playing? What can we expect? We asked him some questions about it:

QULT: Hello! Did you know QULT before we booked you?
Jack of Sound: Yeah, I had an awesome experience at the QULT stage of Defqon.1 last year. Geck-e was playing a crazy set, I really liked it.

QULT: You will be closing QULT from 6 to 7, will it be a normal Jack of Sound set?
Jack of Sound: It will be a Jack of Sound set, QULT style ;).

QULT: So what kind of tracks should we expect then?
Jack of Sound: I am going to build the set from the sound that the DJ before me closes with. I will definitely be playing my own productions, mashups and harder stuff in the end. The set will have more of a QULT flow in it.

QULT: Do you have any closing words?
Jack of Sound: I’m excited about the booking! It will be a new challenge for me, I’ve never done this before so it will be special! Come check it out :).

QULT #13 will be the final edition in the WesterUnie. Check out all the info about the event here: http://joinqult.com/next-qult/. Tickets are available here: http://joinqult.com/tickets/.