Line-up QULT #13


The WesterUnie is his favorite place to DJ (obviously :)). Expect one final blowout from mister QULT.

Jack of Sound
The first time to join us, Jack of Sound will get his QULT on. As closing act, he will surely bring mayhem.

Donnie Darko
The QULT bunny will bring back his energetic mix of electro, techno and subground. Warning: he is not as cute as he looks.

Alex Kidd
The Kidd has become a subground addict in the last few months. He will bring lots of English energy and fresh productions.

One of our biggest subground talents is back! He’ll show you that the future is now.

Les Tronchiennes
We have invited our Begian friends again, to give you the best warmup we can think of. Let the kids techno!

Fusing electro, hardstyle and techno, the hard hitting baselines of subground music will rock your senses. Want a taste? Watch the aftermovie of QULT #12.

Are you attending? Check out the Facebook event and invite your friends.
Presale tickets: €19,- (ex. fee)