QULT #11 | Audiofreq is breaking free


Audiofreq will be back at QULT #11, and this time he is breaking free from his BRK3 alias. What does this mean for the QULT members? Let’s ask the man himself!

“I don’t really believe its a change in style or direction but more as a symbolic choice to embrace musical freedom. Everyone who knows BRK3 knows that I am Audiofreq. It might make somethings a bit confusing for a few fans when 135bpm tracks come out as Audiofreq, but I believe that merging the two names under the one banner will give the twisted BRK3 flavoured stuff a bigger platform, and allow Audiofreq to be as flexible and musically diverse as possible.”

“I just don’t want to be restricted creatively any more. The idea of having different aliases for different styles of music is a relic left over from the 90’s when DJs spent a lot of money on vinyl and needed to have assurances that what they were buying was going to be good. Nowadays music is pretty much free via the media of spotify, youtube, podcasts or live recordings, so there’s no monetary risk when listening to music that is outside peoples expectations.”

“I kinda like the fact that I can surprise people every time a track comes out, there’s no rules for what it could be except that its banging dance floor music. I know I’m going to cop a lot of flack from the passionate BRK3 fans who really loved what I did under that banner and its a bit sad to let it go, but in the end its all in the name – BRK3 meaning BREAK FREE – and that was the entire purpose of the idea! Merging everything under the one name is taking that concept and making it a reality.”

“As for the music style I want to represent at QULT, it will always be the same – I believe in getting people moving, in pounding dance floor music that connects with the floor and that inspires but drives. At the moment, there’s a lot of really interesting harder edged house music that I’ve been taking a lot of influence from and I’ve also been listening to a lot of pre/early hardstyle. I feel there are some forgotten gems that can be re-inpreted that can fit the vision for what I want my music for Qult to be. Expect familiar elements and ingredients but mashed together with cutting edge vibes. Its a very exciting time for harder music.”

Check his set from QULT #10:

Tickets for QULT #11 are available at qu.nu/tickets