Op QULT breekt AudioFreq vrij van gebaande paden met zijn alias BRK3


Tijdens QULT #7 zal AudioFreq zijn alterego BRK3 tonen. Wij hebben al wat test material gehoord en dat liegt er niet om. Wij stelden hem wat vragen over zijn BRK3 sound:

How would you describe the current BRK3 sound?
BRK3 only stands for one thing: breaking free – from genres and tired approaches. Its the style of no style, the music of no rules bar one – the people must dance.

You are working on new material, what inspires you?
I listen to a lot of bass music (drum and bass, dub, trap) as well as a lot of techno and tech trance – there are common elements in all these genres and its those elements that inspire me.

What can visitors of QULT #7 expect of your BRK3 set? Funky music, techy and pounding music from across the board. There are less rules though, so people should come with an open mind.

Tickets for QULT #7 haal je hier: qu.nu/tickets