QULT #6 | Argy mix en interview


Wil je Argy al vast horen? Luister nu zijn QULT #6 promo mix.

Heel Groot Brittannië kent hem inmiddels al. Op dit moment beginnen ook de buitenlandse boekingen binnen te stromen. Onder andere Duitsland en Ibiza deed hij al aan. Maar QULT heeft de primeur in Nederland! Argy komt 23 maart voor de eerste keer naar Nederland om ingewijd te worden door de QULT.

We stelde Argy al vast wat vragen, check ze hier!

You actually emailed to tell us you are a good fit for QULT. Could you describe why you feel that way?

Yeah I did. Where I’m from in the UK, Dutch Hardstyle is the main thing and nearly everyone else seems to play that style. I’ve always tried to be different in the music I play to make sure my music stands out, but it’s still been very hard for me trying to build up my name, having such a different sound to everyone else.

As soon as I heard & seen about QULT and the music policy you have in place it was a moment where I thought to myself; THIS IS IT! I’ve kind of tried to do everything I can to make it happen. Few months down the line and here I am!

How is your sound different from the established hard dance names in the UK?

Basically I don’t have any limitations to the music I play, if I like it and it fits I play it! The only way I can really describe it is “crammed full of energy and surprise”, really quick mixing 30 plus tracks in 60 mins. with loads of technical mixing thrown in for good measure. Both my sound and sets tend to vary though, from Electro and Techno to Techtrance & Harddance.

Kan jij ook niet wachten om Argy te zien? Bewonder hem achter de draaitafel tijdens QULT #6 op 23 maart in de WesterUnie. De vorige editie van QULT was helemaal uitverkocht dus verzeker jezelf van kaarten op qu.nu/tickets. Bekijk hier QULT #6 op Facebook en nodig je vrienden uit.