A*S*Y*S: “Qlimax has a special place in my heart”


De Duitse beatprofessor A*S*Y*S* is klaar voor een splinternieuw QULT experiment. We hebben hem wat vragen gesteld over zijn plannen voor QULT #5. Lees snel verder en beluister hier de liveset van A*S*Y*S* op Qlimax.


1. QULT is combining multiple styles into a new brew, how would you describe the music you will be playing at QULT and will there be a difference in the approach?

I am going to take people on a great ride with growing speed and increasing harder sounds till the end of the set. The reason I mix up more different styles is easy. I found out that to play hard does not depend on speed or only one genre. If you have taste you can put good different styles together and people will still go crazy on the floor. Sounds common or simple but still a rare opinion I figured out 😉

2. Your performance at Qlimax was a great success. How do you plan to bring this energy to QULT?
Oh yeah, Qlimax has a special place in my heart now. The intro lightshow to my tunes Acid Space and Acid Nightmare was just mind blowing and it was an unbelievably great feeling to play for such an amazing crowd.
For QULT I will try to go inside myself and imagine the QULT feeling from last time and preselect some great tunes. Surely I will fire out some nice banging classic tracks, combining those with the sound of now to make it a great experience.

3. QULT is all about experimentation. Did you ever do a weird experiment of your own? Musically or something else?
For the music production I always do weird experiments. I think this is the only way to find some unique ideas or a special sound to surprise, because there are so many talented guys out there and ALL producers try to be the best. It’s a hard competition to combine and use untypical plug-ins or effects.

4. Do you have something to add to this interview.
I’m really looking forward to the next QULT. I love the Qlub Underground concept and I enjoy to be part of a growing party series.


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