Donnie: “I’m against animal testing”


How would you describe your music?
Difficult question. Since I play an eclectic mix of harder styles music, I can’t really define it yet. I mix Electro, Techno, Dub and Hard Dance into a fast and wild style you definitely want to dance to. You could say it’ New Rave but that term has also been around for ages, so you tell me?!

Can you tell us a little bit more about your act?
Donnie Darko is about partying without boundaries. I don’t focus on age, sex or style so everyone is welcome. As long as you’re willing to go for the maximum, so will I! The act Donnie Darko is of course based on the movie named alike. The movie is a proper mindfuck, if you haven’t seen it yet please do. This whole mindfuck vibe is actually what I hope to do when I’m playing. Leave people behind with that “WTF JUST HAPPENED?!” kinda feeling.

How does it feel to be a part of the QULT experiment?
No other words than LOVE! I fkng love playing at QULT parties and the followers are super loyal, kind and really going for it! This is going to be big.

How does QULT influence Donnie Darko?
QULT and Donnie Darko are evolving at the same time. The QULT energy is fantastic and hopefully we can take it to a higher level together!

If we’re allowed to do one experiment on you, what can we do?
Ouch… I am SO MUCH against animal testing but okay, let’s see… We could test if I can make as many babies as regular bunnies can in 12 months! How’s that? Bring on the Bunny Ranch! :)


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