QULT Spotlight: Stana


This week we ask Stana some questions. Check them out here:

Hi Stana, to start: how are you doing?

Hey! I’m all good! Right now it’s getting very busy all of the sudden and there is so much to do. hehe

Your sound is quite diverse, how do you tune this to every event?

Good question! I produce whatever I like, which can end up very diverse – yes – but it still has a red line which I like to call the Stana style. It is the hype and the energy of the tracks that makes me who I am. Every event is different so I adjust the Stana style to every one of them. It can be anything from Trancey to Electro to a little harder than that.

Who has influenced you?

I have to start with all the Swedish legends of course, from Swedish House Mafia to Adam Beyer. I have also been hugely influence by A*S*Y*S and Kamui, as well as Bloody Beetroots and Organ Donors. But recently I have been getting a lot of influence from Orjan Nilsen, Arty and Markus Schulz’s new alias Dakota! Amazing Techno mixed with a hint of Trance!

You played at Qlimax this year, how did you experience this large event?

Without a doubt the highlight of my career at the moment and I am so blessed by all the great response and all the love I have been getting from people. It was something you wouldn’t imagine yourself doing and I couldn’t believe I was standing in the DJ booth when I was standing there. There are no words…

You just recently played in Chile, what is the biggest difference you see between the European and South American crowds?

The European crowd has seen it all and has an endless supply of every music style. The South American crowd was in a way more “hungry” for our kind of music. I found them very energetic and up for anything! They couldn’t stop dancing from the first beat to the last! It reminded me of the Eastern European crowd who I also love playing for and that never stops moving! So in a way they can be very similar!

Anything else to add?

The Netherlands is definitely one of my favorite crowds to play for! I have had the best memories playing in Holland and I can’t wait to be back and play there! Such a crowd and such a place cannot be found anywhere else in the world…trust me I’ve checked 😉