Qlub Underground Radio #17


An Activator Subground special!

Manuel Tessa Rolla loves long walks on the beach, a clear starry sky, and deafening hardstyle. His career began in the mid 90’s where he started to play as a resident DJ at Italian nightclubs. After 5 years, he started to play at bigger event such as Defqon.1, Q-base, Decibel, and the Strauss Tour. When he signed to Activa Records, he picked up the name that he his best known for, Activtor. With the help of his unique play on hardstyle, Activator continued to grow not only in Italy but also globally.

With all his success, Activator has now turned some of his focus to his new Subground show. With a mix of techno, progressive, electro, trance and hard dance he continues to break down barriers in the harder dance scene. This is surely a radio show not to miss.

Lee Mac, who also releases on the Subground label, will be playing at our first event QULT in the WesterUnie!

QU Radio #17 | Activator special | Sounds of QULT 18/02/12 by Qlub Underground